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Default Re: Kblaze will use this topic to record his random thoughts.

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Why arent bathroom doors automatic? Why is it that the one door nobody wants to touch is the one least likely to be automatic?

The least appealing thing to touch is the exiting handle on a public bathroom door. The ones that only open you have to pull it....

Places like Walmart and such...should always have either an automatic bathoom door or no door at all and just have that sharp turn around the corner once you go in so you cant actually see in there but they dont need a door.

Ive often appreciated the places with the sharp turn in lieu of a door.

I have often thought about this. Even when you wash your hands, leaving the bathroom you have to touch the handle that others who not washed their hands used before. Gross if you think about it.

On top of that it's probably those places that can afford the least hygiene technology that have the dirtiest customers as well
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