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Default Re: European Media: 3 NBA Teams Interested In Zeljko Obradovic

Originally Posted by Euroleague
He never played in Euroleague you racist fascist POS.

It's like saying anyone that plays basketball in North America plays in the NBA.

**** OFF.
That is a bullshit argument and you know it.

There are MULTIPLE levels of basketball in North America. NCAA, D-League, other amateur leagues, and of course, the SINGULAR professional basketball league in the world, the NBA.

There is only one in Europe - thoroughly inferior, amateurish, developmental basketball. Euroleague is the premier, most prestigious league of that caliber in all of Europe. Naturally, it owns and has branches in every other amateur basketball association in Europe. Therefore it is logical FACT that Euroleague is the foundation of all European basketball. If you play basketball in Europe, you are in the Euroleague.

Is it a mere coincidence that every player that goes from the NBA to the Euroleague has some sort of significant flaw, whether in their game or in their personal life? You guys signed crackhead Lamar ****ing Odom and he instantly won the EL dunk contest. How long before he wins MVP and FMVP? Marquis Teague, not even his brother Jeff, could go there TODAY and win it all.

It's a ****ing joke, really.
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