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Default Re: European Media: 3 NBA Teams Interested In Zeljko Obradovic

Originally Posted by gabepizza
I don't normally defend Euroleague but from your argument the NBA owns and has branches in the D-league so by that logic the D-league is part of the NBA.
Also Odom just signed with the Knicks. He lasted only two games in Spain (because of an injury) and I'm sure didn't win any dunk contests. I don't even think Euroleague has a dunk contest.
We have to be fair, guys. If you play in Europe, you don't necessarily play in the EL. The EL is like a champions league where the best teams or most financially viable teams of each domestic league in Europe then play for the EL.

That is my understanding. Let me add though this situation occasionally has it's quirks. It is possible to win the EL Title and be crowned EL Champ, and then come home to your domestic league, and then lose to a team that is not an EL team or an EL team that lost in the EL playoffs . Case in point: Olympiacos last year won the EL Title and then loses to Panathanaikos in the Greek league in a 5 game series.

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