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Default Re: You can play basketball until you cannot stand. (Half-court game)

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Yep, a father of one of my former players used to run in our open gyms. He had to have been in his mid-50's, and likely stood under 5'10'', but he was able to hang by doing things the right way. There were definitely things he just couldn't do, such as finishing strong in traffic over good-sized defenders, but he knew he couldn't do that, so he played within himself.

In fact, that feller may have been the best pick-and-roll player I've come across in a pickup setting, and that's with him as the 5'8'' screener and roller. He actually kind of opened my eyes a bit, in terms of playing the right way. If a guy his age and that size can find a way to be effective on the hardwood amongst the young bucks, there's probably a lot more I could do to maximize my own game (learning how to screen and roll as well as him, for starters).

On top of everything else, he had no delusions of grandeur. He knew who he was and who he wasn't, and that's pretty crucial on the hardwood. No worries about getting his shots or not being fed enough on the roll. He was just out there doing what he knew he could.

Exactly.. I am 5 foot 10, and cant dunk. I cant attack boards, and I already know I dont have much of a chance against a guy that is tall and in the post. I can handle him outside the 10 foot mark, but if he closes in to the basket I am in trouble. One reason why I like playing with the guys I usually run with. We know our roles, we know where we excel and where we fall short. When we hit the courts we can usually win our first game, and run the court for a few times before someone finally beats us or we get too tired to run anymore.
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