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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau Gasol's contract year

Originally Posted by Lakers91
In regards to the last paragraph yes you can :), well that could work...we will just need someone to hypothetically give Masai Ujiri excuse the spelling some scopolamine and have said person hypothetically try and orchestrate said trade (scopolamine is known to get rid of free will and to basically allow someone to do whatever you tell them, so if someone would hypothetically do that we might have a chance of that sort of a trade ) without someone doing that probably not , unfortunately I think Lowry will want too much money to get he'll be wanting between 9-12 and he should get it but I think if the Lakers offered him that then they could well not have enough to try and sign Love the next year would love to get Lowry dammit such an underrated point guard, I think he could get a lot in free agency that he deserves but the Lakers probably won't want to offer unless he takes less because of future free agent targets.

I really think most teams already have a legit PG, Even teams like TWolves, Denver, Wizards etc have really good ones. The few teams that need one are usually over the cap, squads like Indiana, Miami. If they lose Pau, they can use part of the $ saved on Lowry.
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