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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau Gasol's contract year

Originally Posted by bladefd
Exum vs Smart.. Who is the better draft option? I have seen a lot of people side with Exum but would being forced to draft Smart be a huge blow if Exum is gone?

Very tough to say. I do know one thing. The first PG taken in almost every draft hasn't been a bust. They at least turn into solid players. Some might have been hurt and not the same, but they were at least good players before that. PG is the safest position to pick, especially with the way the NBA rules are now. You have to go back until about 2000 when Detroit took Mateen Cleaves as the first PG to find a true bust, and even at that he was a 14 pick. Right now it looks like the experts are leaning Exum. I don't think any team can go wrong picking one of those two guys.
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