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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau Gasol's contract year

Originally Posted by dd24
He doesn't really have any leverage to choose his team. The worst move of his career would be pulling out from a team and going to Europe. He would lose millions of dollars. Not to mention the experience. There have been reports of him going in the top 3 potentially. If the Magic pick ahead of the Lakers I could see them picking him. A back court of Exum and Oladipo would be a very nice young pairing for them. I think Exum, Randle, Smart, Wiggins, Embiid, and Parker are all day 1 starters for whatever team drafts them. They may not all end up being superstars, but I do see them being solid players. This is a very deep draft. The Lakers are going to end up with an upgrade at some position no matter what.

He doesn't have any true leverage he basically has coercion that he can and is using, he cannot stop a manager/GM taking him but his agent has been planting the seed of doubt and is trying to force his way to the Lakers team, I never said he'd go to Europe I said he can threaten (bluff I never said he'd go to Europe either or that he actually will he is using it as a coercive bluff/say he will go there if you pick me whether teams decide to call it or not who knows) and really that's all he needs to do and what he basically has been doing and that's via coercion if you make somebody doubt it enough or you make it look like you want to go to a team bad enough where you are threatening to basically go to a different continent that's going to make GM's with the higher pick seriously re-think in my opinion or maybe they won't give a darn, to say he's got no leverage is somewhat true because he's not a GM but he is heavily trying to get to the Lakers that much is obvious, the Magic have a good young team (in a few years anyway) so I could see them taking him, I didn't once state he was definitely gone to the Lakers I stated that Exum is definitely trying to get there and that it may worry off GM's from taking him given how much his agent is working to get him there along with the public statements and also that I doubt he'd do all that if someone hadn't given some indication they would take him I think there has to be some indication that the Lakers or someone involved has given some hint they will (I suspect if that can be proven though it's draft tampering or something like that). As I said before I'd be happy with a number of players in the draft but ecstatic with a select four, it doesn't mean i'd be unhappy or upset I'd still be happy with a top 5 pick but not quite as much with a top 3 pick/player. I do see Exum going fourth for most teams I don't see that many teams picking him over Embiid; Parker or Wiggins even with Embiid's back injuries the Magic may be one of the few teams that would want him because they have Vucevic or maybe they'd like to try Vucevic at PF with Embiid as the center with a large lineup who knows I'm not the general manager of the team but from the mindset of a general manager I think there has to be at least some discussion on whether you take a player who badly even via stating publicly along with an agent persuading heavily to get to a specific team that isn't your team whether you actually pick him, given Smart apparently is fairly close to him (but I think most think Exum is higher) they may just pick him because he hasn't done anything to my knowledge like Exum's agent is trying to do. It may do nothing to get him to the Lakers I don't know but I think it's a talking point, executives may not pay one bit of attention to it given if they pick him they have him for 6-7 years at least in all likelihood anyway (or more whatever the usual restricted FA amount of years is).

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