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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau Gasol's contract year

Originally Posted by gts
He actually has tons of leverage or at least more than you think... First he's not working out for teams which usually includes a brief medical exam/discussion so a lot of teams will be hesitant to pull the trigger on a player that they can't get a good look at.

He has a big time agent in Pelinka that teams are wary about going to war with

Draft picks have become the new gold standard teams are not going to burn one if there's even the slightest chance there could be a hiccup, even less of a chance they gamble when there's a draft with as much talent as this one has...

If Exum was like the only good player or one of two then a team might take a flyer at him because there's nothing to lose but when you take a chance on a guy you can't work out or interview over a player that has the same amount of talent that's just bad basketball

I disagree about drafting a player that hasn't worked out for you. Teams do this all the time. These teams have already scouted these players a ton before the individual workouts. They've seen all kinds of tape. Seeing the players in real games is what makes the difference. Teams will often times not bring in a player for a workout so other teams will think they aren't interested. It's a tactic that gets used every year. When was the last time a lottery pick of that caliber decided he wasn't going to play for the team that drafted him? Even Ricky Rubio, who very publicly wanted to go to a place like NY and really didn't like Minnesota ended up playing there.
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