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Default Re: Aldon Smith detained at airport for saying he has a bomb.

Originally Posted by Carbine
It might not even be a misdemeanor.
If it was a stand alone incident it would be of no concern. the problem is he now has a 3-part history of inexcusable legal problems. You should not be driving drunk at 7am (or any other time, really), should not be firing illegal assault rifles at your own house party (or anyone else's) and should not make a bomb threat because you're annoyed over a search. He is officially a guy you can't trust to make the right decisions off the field. Would anyone be surprised if he was busted tomorrow for assault, drug abuse, or parking tickets? He appears to have a wide variety of stupid crimes he can commit. It's impossible to field a team of choir boys but after a certain point you have to draw the line. And the Niners are close. According to that story they already decided not to exercise his option for 2015, no doubt wanting to see if he makes the changes he needs to make. He's a massive talent but also a massive headcase.
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