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Default Re: Rumour: Lakers never offered more than second rounder for Gasol

They obviously didn't want Pau... can't blame them.. he wasn't himself until well after the trade deadline, there's no guarantee he'd stay there and if they want to make a run at him in the offseason he'd certainly come cheaper...

Besides that, draft picks are too valuable now, more so this year with the depth of the upcoming draft and then there's the fact the Suns are a young guard oriented team, they play fast and loose... I can easily understand why an aging big man who's been fighting those niggling injuries (going into his final couple seasons most likely) wouldn't fit in their long term plans

The way things are you only take those types of contracts or players on if they get you over the hump to a shot at the WCFs, you don't make that move just to eek into the playoffs that would have you looking down the barrel of a first round exit...
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