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Default Re: The twins are staying @ kentucky

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I was a bit underwhelmed by them this year. And I was quite looking forward the PG one, Andrew? Anyway, I've always had a fondness for big PGs. But the jumpers needed work, and they lacked explosion, which is generally ok for a bigger PG, but they lacked it more than I expected, plus he mopes a lot, which is definitely not good for a guy that size. He should be bullying guys and causing them to put out the bad body language. Obviously things got better as the year went on. Hopefully the extra year helps him out.

I was expecting a prospect showdown between Harrison and Marcus Smart as big PGs. Smart didn't impress this year the way I'd hoped. And I'm not even one to get too outraged over the temper issues. But the jumper did not improve the way everyone had expected.
However, the aggressiveness, and physicality, that Smart plays with, he uses his size and strength, is something Andrew Harrison needs to improve on. Smart isn't a monster in terms of pop athleticism either (although he seems to have more than either Harrison), but in exchange he uses the physical advantages he does have. And skill set wise there's some similarities. I'd actually say Harrison gets a bit of a nod because I think he's got a touch more vision.

Oddly, the third guy to me in this mix was Dante Exum, and he moved furthest up, almost it seems by not being seen. Perhaps a case of the grass being greener.

Good insight.

Wish you posted in the nba forum.
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