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Default Free Agency 2014

Knicks Free Agency is centered around the need to re-sign Carmelo.

Then there is the 3.2 million.

But even with that limited amount you still have to look at the entire group starting at the top.

Lebron or Dirk- would either force their way over?

Eric Bledsoe, lance S, pau, hawes- not sure about the changes to sign and trades, could any of these guys be had? Could you get in on Bledsoe or lance by overpaying? Could chandler be moved for pau or hawes?

Now it's the 3.2 or min wage players. Can you get half a team out of this group? Who do you choose to give 3.2 to and who do you think you can get for min wage?

S Livingston
Ben G

Mike miller


Jason smith

Will be hard to make a huge impact in fa, but don't you think Phil will try.

What do you do with that group of players?
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