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Default Re: my thoughts on the cavs

My 2013-2014 season in review thoughts:

I think Chris Grant was a fine GM and as Brian Windhorst put it, "he did everything right, it just didn't work out for him" Grant executed good trades, and he did a good job with his talent evaluation. I don't think firing Grant was necessary to get the rise out of the players, but I won't deny that that happened. All the nonsense about GM's not wanting to deal with him is bush league Sam-Amico reporting. Grant made moves all the time. And again as BW pointed out there are plenty of successful GM's in the league who are extremely tough to deal with. You want a tough negotiating GM.

*I think the biggest issue with the cavs and the main problem is the complete lack of leadership from Kyrie Irving. He's pouty, immature, and makes questionable decisions on the floor. It rubs off on the other teammates and his pouting IMO was a big factor to the cavs underachievement this season. He started to turn it around and "get it" so to speak after the AS break. He's a great talent and the cavs should try and retain him, but they need to do what's ultimately best for the franchise and if they feel his heart isn't into this then they should part ways.

David Griffin says the right things, but most GMs do. His claim to fame seems to be Goran Dragic and working for the suns during that exciting period for them, but whatever. They didn't win anything, they lost Amare for nothing, and that's it. He seems like he will do a good job as he's allegedly garnered interest from other franchises. I think the cavs should stick with him because he seems to be on the same page with Gilbert and seemingly wants to stay the course, which IMO is what the cavs need to continually do.

Mike Brown is a good coach who always finds himself in demand. I know it's the cool thing to say how much he sucks and everything but for all things he considered he did a good job this year. Cleveland fans in general need to get over this "fire the coach" mentality for all their pro sports. We cannot have the Cavs turn into the Browns. We cannot have the cavs try and rebuild every two years. Brown should not be dumped after this season. People wanna gripe about the offense, but they should just watch the games. If the offense is flowing for 3 quarters and then stops in the 4th its not an X's and O's problem, it's a personnel problem, specifically our guards trying to do too much. Mike Brown isn't telling Kyrie Irving, Jarret, and Dion to over dribble the ball and not move it around. Cavs looked like they were starting to buy in in the second half of the season. A lot of our young players improved; Zeller, TT, Dion, Delly, and even AB. People wanna rag on him for not playing Karasev enough? Whatever. Not grounds to fire a guy after one season IMO.

TLDR: Keep Brown and Griffin, trade Kyrie if its clear cut he doesn't wanna be here anymore, Chris Grant wasn't terrible.
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