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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by TMacsOneGoodEye
No, just pro wrestling. I'll edit the thread after you guys show you can keep it in this thread.

Alot of us don't like wrestling and find it downright stupid and a waste of time, so to have a million wrestling threads in a forum we usually like is a little excessive. It brings the maturity level of this forum down A LOT.

I can't send a link to friends of mine and go "It's a great board with intelligent people" cause all they will see is the pro wrestling threads and laugh there ass off at intellgient people being here.

Um... you do know that there are some intelligent people that watch wrestling right? It's not just retarded hillbillies. I know plenty of people who watch and enjoy pro wrestling who are currently in college or have graduated college. I know some lawyers who watch it. There are even intelligent wrestlers who have college degrees who are in the WWE. Chris Nowinski graduated from Harvard. So to say that all wrestling fans are illiterate hillbillies is wrong.
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