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Default Re: Bobcats/Hornets off-season leading up to 2014-2015

Our greatest needs, imo:

1. An upgrade at #2 or #3. We can't have 2 defensive specialists who can't shoot at those positions. It puts too much pressure on Kemba and Big Al to carry the offense. Getting Jeff Taylor back will help, but I think it's been shown that Gerald Henderson is not equipped to be a starting 2 in this league. The jury is still out on MKG but he's gonna have to improve a lot.

2. Backup center. Biz has fallen out of the rotation and I think Cho's little project might be over. If Haywood is healthy he might work in combo with Biz to spell Big Al. Otherwise some type of trade will be in the works.

4. Josh McRoberts. He's gonna be an unrestricted free agent and he's gonna want a major upgrade to his current salary. It's gonna take some creative negotiations to keep him for a few more seasons and not overpay. Cody Zeller looks very promising but he won't be there for another season or 2. If it doesn't work out with McBob we're gonna have to find a serviceable 4 that won't mess with team chemistry.

5. Cap space. I think we need to shell out the big bucks to get a Big Al caliber wing player either through free agency or trade, but we're gonna have to balance that with saving enough $ to sign Kemba long term.

6. Backup Point Guard. Both Ridnour and Pargo are free agents. There's been talk of getting Sessions back but I'm not sold on that.

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