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Default Mo Williams Leaning Toward Miami

"Rumblings circulating here at UNLV that point guard Mo Williams has chosen to take less money to sign with the Miami Heat later this week were described as premature by multiple sources close to the situation.

Yet Williams is said to be leaning toward Miami and the persuasive recruiting trio of Shaquille O'Neal, Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade, even though the Bucks have his Larry Bird rights and can offer more guaranteed money.

Williams' decision is expected by Wednesday, which is the first day free agents can officially sign new contracts after the league announces the salary-cap figure and luxury-tax threshold for the 2007-08 season.

The best backcourt in the league if Wade is still as good after the surgeries.

The Lakers should've tried but meh, they're idiots anyway. I bet they overpayed for Fisher.

If this is true, Riley just saved the Heat franchise for years to come.
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