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Originally Posted by Rose
What's weird about the Dino Crisis rumors, is that they seem to always be saying it's PS4 exclusive,or its XBone exclusive when to the best of my knowledge Capcom hasn't ever done an exclusive deal, not even for DLC.

I don't think they can do the indie thing again, because that's what the console is at this point. I'm pretty sure they're gonna focus mostly on the 3DS because after having at least one solid release for pretty much every month for the last 18 months or so, there's really not anything big announced for the back half of the year. I'm thinking we might finally get a new F-Zero.

What was the ps4 rumour? The xbox one had some actual evidence to it i think. Just hope whatever they do it isn't like the last dino crisis was.

I was hoping for a 3ds and wii u metroid (either the same on both like smash or concurrent launches of two different metroid games). Their rumoured to be showing new hard ware but I really don't see them making major changes to the 3ds or wii u right now so my moneys still on their health and fitness device being some sort of wearable tech like those fit bit things that links up with nintendo systems.
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