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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
I'm not saying they win in our world. I'm saying they win in theirs. think essos had engineers capable of building pyramids but never thought to put a spear wall and archers against the dothraki?

You can chalk it up to bad writing if you like. But the writing on the world at issue says they win.

And no we really didn't spoil anything major. If the septon is even in the show its gonna be for ten minutes. Its not part of the plot. Just downtime talking.

Didn't the ancient Unsullied armies win a fight against the Dothraki though? Given how outdated the Unsullied are in comparison to Westeros armies wouldn't it make perfect sense that they would win?

I haven't read the books but watching the show the impression I get is that Westeros is Europe in the late medieval era and Essos is more like the Americas only someone dropped a poor mans version of the mongols in the middle and no surprise they win over there. I get the feeling of a whole bunch of primitive, disjointed city builders on Essos with the military technology being vastly inferior to the west.

The Dothraki to me feel like the 6 foot 8th grader who beats up on all his 4 foot tall mates and then gets his ass kicked when he plays against the seniors who are all bigger.

Again though, this is based entirely on watching the show and seeing the different technologies in use and nothing on what is written in the books!
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