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Default Re: Free Agency 2014

Phil has Lamar odom and Ron artest at his cabin in Montana right now. He is about to fly over to Kirk hinrich's house to go grab Jason smith and just make them fall in love w the idea of Phil Jackson triangle ball and both come over on the cheap. Kerr is on the plane along with super hot decision making owner James Dolan. Both those guys laugh it up as they begin building a monster.

The decision is made- straight free agency will never work. It's time to start trading. The worst thing possible is to let chandler and amare expire.

So it's Larry sanders or josh smith to the rescue. Starring with option #1. The trade made in heaven. Buying out the bucks long term deal. Why? Because it's a match made in heaven on 3 of the types of players this team needs somewhere in its top 3-7. Active versatile defensive big. Illyasova a good fit at 4 whenever Carmelo is in at the 3. And ok mayo. A gaurs that can shoot and who for the first time in his life can be asked to be something he can be.

And what ok mayo might be that could turn him back into OJ ? A who wants to be a starting pg on this team. Remember it's a triangle pg- mayo, shumpert, and hinrich. To go from Felton/prifiobi to those 3 is genius.

Last stop on the plane is for mike miller. Again on the cheap. Phil is a genius. Anthony morrow is in.

Carmelo/mike miller
Larry Sanders/illyasova
Bargnani/Jason smith

What? Bought a pick? Nick Johnson- perfect pick.

And you have.

Kenyon Martin

Shit it's over for the nba. Phil didn't wait and hope. Does it right away.
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