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Default Re: Yi To Sacramento For Bibby

Originally Posted by ripthekik
I disagree with that. The Chinese media and fans are absolutely dumbasses. Yi originally held on pretty good, but the news article that just came out yesterday talking about how the fans want him to just stick with Bucks, totally destroyed his chances. CBA was on the article too, saying they won't accept him coming back to China.
well yeah thanks guys, y'all just ruined Yi's chance of ever going anywhere.

So you should accept the truth too, just like I have. Yi will be wearing a Bucks uniform 2007-2008.
once again, f U chinese fan and media for being dumbasses.
F*** The Chinese Fans & The CBA,Yi's Agent Has Made It Clear Before The Draft That He's Not Playing For Milwaukee,Milwaukee Knew They Were Gonna Have To Deal With This Once They Drafted Him

Why Not Sacramento?Its The Captial Of California(the highest asian population for a state)its not like they are coming to Sacramento from China weekly to see Yi Play

theres a better chance of Kobe in a Bulls jersey next season than it is of Yi in a Bucks jersey
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