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Default Re: ☆Official Coaches Thread: Mike D'Antoni Resigns *CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by dd24
I think it's dumb that Golden State fired Jackson too. Like I mentioned before I do find it odd that he couldn't get along with assistants or management. I don't think he's going to have a hard time finding a new job. The Lakers should at least bring him in for an interview.

I thought it was a dumb move to trade Ellis but hey, it seemed to worked. Maybe they think it's not a good fit and/or Mark has reached it's "peak" with the team that they need somebody else to get them to the next level.
I think of Carlisle who lead Detroit to BACK TO BACK 50 win seasons with Detroit, they let him go and hired Larry Brown. The very first year with Larry, they won the ring.
But yes, I agree, Lakers should atleast talk to him and consider him.
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