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Default Re: Milicic signs with Grizz!

Im pretty 50-50 on this deal. As Ive said I didnt want Varejo or Darko, but Im obviously not the General Manager either. Heres the way I see it:

-We could have spent every penny on Darko; we didnt and we have just enough left to get a minimum contract player who could shoot the 3... or we can hold on to the cash.

-Darko's production in just 24 minutes is pretty good. More minutes could mean 12 pts 8 rbs 1.5-2 blks a game. For a team that's had Lorenzen Wright, Big Jake, and company try to play along Pau, I think thats nothing to hate at right now.

-Darko is still only going to be 22 next season. Only one of his four seasons has his team even tried to develop him.

- We didn't draft him over Wade, Bosh, Melo, JHoward, Hinrich, etc. We just signed him to a 3 year deal. 3 years. By that time, he'll be only 25 and have plenty of chances to prove whether he's a quality C or not.

- He's not Brian Cardinal, and his contract is shorter and cheaper!


- We could have used the money next year on better free agents. (But could have the Memphis public waited that long?)

- No, We didn't pull a Rashard-I-Must-Think-I'm-AROD-Lewis Deal, but we probably did spend a little too much for so much potential and so little proof.

- Results arent immediate, we have to wait this one out.

- He could end up being Brian Cardinal's best friend.

So while there are a few things that bother me about this deal, I'm not gonna go ballistic on the Grizz just yet. Darko's youth and blocking ability let this one slide... for now. Plus, were young, real young, and could be a fun and exciting team to watch at the Forum. That is enough to get me ready for 07/08.

Im just more worried that the last two-three years of Brian Cardinal's stay in Memphis wont end soon enough.
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