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Default Re: ☆Official Coaches Thread: Mike D'Antoni Resigns *CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by Lakers91
Religion is only bad when it is used for manipulation in the wrong hands (along with anything), I think people don't like religion because of wars waged in its name when really there would be anyway (Vietnam to stop the flawed domino theory of "communism", Iraq arguably for oil imo), always an excuse for war with or without religion but I think that's why some don't like it, not saying that's why he personally doesn't like religion it's just something I hear from my friends why they don't like it, maybe the above poster doesn't like it because it may distract players or something like that (I'm not religious either I'm strictly agnostic albeit was once a Christian/Monotheist not anymore though for some reason I thought you were religious )

The whole anti Tim Tebow thing angered me, the guy has never done anything wrong (Publicly) never says anything bad about anyone even if they bash him, he works his rear end off and competes like a champion, yet people hate the guy because he talks about god
I don't give a crap what a person uses to motivate himself to be a good person, if they are good they should be praised by everyone.

If a person wants to fight a war over religion then they are bad and no one should support them plain and simple.
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