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Default Re: ☆Official Coaches Thread: Mike D'Antoni Resigns *CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by DKLaker
The whole anti Tim Tebow thing angered me, the guy has never done anything wrong (Publicly) never says anything bad about anyone even if they bash him, he works his rear end off and competes like a champion, yet people hate the guy because he talks about god
I don't give a crap what a person uses to motivate himself to be a good person, if they are good they should be praised by everyone.

If a person wants to fight a war over religion then they are bad and no one should support them plain and simple.

I've paid hardly any attention well none at all to Tebow I always just assumed he copped flock because he was an average player or without a work ethic than it being about religious reasons? Not being much of an NFL fan (anymore anyway) I have no idea how good or bad he is just assumed he was overrated and lacked work ethic although by the sounds of it he has quite a good work ethic?

Agreed and agreed for each paragraph

Anyway, who is everyone's top 3 choices for coach whether realistic or not? Name three in order of preference if you would like to obviously not obligated to, mine would probably be 1. Hollins 2. JVG and 3. Avery Johnson (or Byron Scott not overly bothered) albeit I woudn't be disappointed if they went with someone like Ollie.

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