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Default Re: ☆Official Coaches Thread: Mike D'Antoni Resigns *CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by dd24
I don't really have a top pick but I do have a bottom. I know you're a Karl lover, but the guy doesn't care about defense. I just don't see how you can win a championship without playing defense. Every team that's one a championship as long as I can remember was a very good defensive team. There's a lot of guys who are rumored that really don't have much separating them from each other so that's why I don't really have a top pick. I think it's really just splitting hairs between a few of the guys. It's not like we're talking about Phil vs. anybody. It's just a close call between a lot of those guys. I would definitely say no to Sloan to. He's just too much of a dictator. It worked in Utah where he had his people that he picked. I don't think it would work at another team, at least not for quite some time until he got all his own players.

I think it's obvious I personally certainly wouldn't say no to Sloan, I think he'd be one of the coaches that would have respect from just about the whole team straight away, his sort of authoritarian style was what I think Dwight needed from a coach 2 years ago someone that wasn't afraid to call him out at all and would bark at him/install some discipline and I think he can help a center PnR wise and even post up wise as a mentor (kind of what I think Pop did in an all star game yelling at him I mean from the above to him either last year or the year before), I only wouldn't go for Sloan because of his age but if I had to compare a coach compared to my top 3 picks Sloan goes to the top of the list if he was a bit younger and was totally committed but I think he's retired now I think Williams wanted a trade and all that especially hurt him a bit or having a star turn on him to a degree (given Williams in Brooklyn early last year said he missed Sloan's orchestrated offense was a little amusing), I don't think it's that he's been out of the game for 3 years because well I don't think that's a giant gap to where you say everything's changed he's too old to adjust add a few more years and I'd get to that I just think Sloan is too old, I think a young rebuilding team if you are looking for free agency signings you sign the biggest name coach and I think out of any coach or any great coach I have a names to mind before his but that is only 4 or 5 coaches I think before Sloan and of those only one is still coaching (Popovich the rest are retired or gone that I think of as better or more well known than Sloan it's a very select list of coaches I'd pick before him), I think Kobe could go either way with him but I think Kobe wouldn't want a coach he didn't respect I think that's why Jackson could get so much out of him at times because Kobe did respect him and I certainly think Sloan would be one of the few that would have respect from Kobe automatically and a young team would certainly have an organised and structured offensive and defensive system to play to, but he's 72-73 now close to 5 years older than Phil who's seen as pretty old as a coach, I wouldn't completely want Sloan now due to his age so I think the front office wouldn't go after him but if I could I'd happily or virtually be delighted if he was coach for the most part but I see it as highly unlikely due to Sloan's age and it would be hit or miss with his style and could rub players the wrong way but one benefit is they would definitely have to respect him already so he'd at least have that or I'd hope they'd all respect him if he became coach, just my opinion but I would love Sloan as coach but I don't see it happening he's rather old for head coaching terms now.

I honestly can't pick who will be the coach by some reports that Kobe has met with Byron maybe that might be him but doesn't seem like there's many reports actually saying who's favorite or anything like that could be awhile before there is any distinctive clear cut favorite.
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