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Default What kind of money do we not give Kyle Lowry?

Yeah there's a off-season thread but I feel this is a topic big enough to have its own thread

Our team's best player (imo), the vocal leader, needless to say we need to try hard to keep him, and we know he wants to stay. However we won't be the only team after him, and what happens if a team, say the Lakers, decide to offer him max (what is it now, 15M+?). I don't believe Lowry is a max player, and I'm not a believer in keeping him "at any cost", and hinders our ability to construct a better future team for the sake of avoiding short-term setback.

What's the number in your opinion? at what point do we say "fack it, let him walk, we can better spend this money elsewhere"? 11M? 14M?
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