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Default Re: ☆Official Coaches Thread: Mike D'Antoni Resigns *CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Being a very religious and spiritual Christian, I can see why his behavior would anger people. [u]There are certain things about life that need to be kept personal, such as the relationship with God, should you believe in him.
Christianity also puts an emphasis on wisdom. Perhaps, it is not wise for him, to come out in front of the entire country, a country which is secular, and constantly mention God. It offends people with different kinds of beliefs. Its kind of like saying "Im successful because my God helped me do all of this....what did your God do?"

While I admire his motivation, still, from one Christian to another, there is wisdom to consider. Keep the God stuff to yourself unless asked otherwise.

Ya feeeeeeel me daawwwwwwg???
whoah, a very spiritual religious person like you would rather keep your relationship with God yourself...and totally ignore his commandment?

Ever read Matthew 28:16-20? Just incase you missed it, God's people was given a mission, to share their faith, it's not a suggestion or an enrouragement, it is a commandment.
God's followers believe that he has expectations, that there are repercussions to our actions and decisions and more importantly in judgement.
If the person being reached out said no thank you, then yes, the Christian should back off, just like Jesus said, "shake the dust off your sandals..."leave them alone

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