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Default Re: ☆Official Coaches Thread: Mike D'Antoni Resigns *CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by dd24
I don't really have a top pick but I do have a bottom. I know you're a Karl lover, but the guy doesn't care about defense. I just don't see how you can win a championship without playing defense. Every team that's one a championship as long as I can remember was a very good defensive team. There's a lot of guys who are rumored that really don't have much separating them from each other so that's why I don't really have a top pick. I think it's really just splitting hairs between a few of the guys. It's not like we're talking about Phil vs. anybody. It's just a close call between a lot of those guys. I would definitely say no to Sloan to. He's just too much of a dictator. It worked in Utah where he had his people that he picked. I don't think it would work at another team, at least not for quite some time until he got all his own players.
Im not sure if you know this but Gary Payton actually complained that it was Phil Jax who didn't talk much about defense, when he played for the Lakers, stuff I didn't recall him saying about Karl. Yes, Denver did ran a lot but it was bec George tried to capitalize their advantage in living in high altitude, Im not sure, Milwaukee and Seattle ran that much under him.
Yesterday at Mason and Ireland show, John proudly brought up the idea of hiring Karl, they seemed favorable, didn't know too that he's just 62 yrs old(he looked older). Im not saying these guys are geniuses tho.
BTW, I don't consider myself a Karl Lover, let me say again, I prefer JVG over him cuz George don't have a great playoff record, but like I said before, I don't see the Lakers having a great roster, so, I don't anticipate them contending anyway in the playoffs.
Going back to JVG, I know he and his brother Stan gets so stressed out so much in coaching, If Im Jim, ill hire SVG as his assistant, as in share the responsibilities, collaborate like the Farrelli brothers making movies like Dumb and Dumber....wait :=)

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