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Default Re: New KG to Lakers rumor, 3 way deal (GealRM)

Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX
This was a "wiretap" on the Celtics end, I thought I'd share it (I can't f*cking paste the link). Deal is supposedly approved between LA and Boston, and Minny has to make a decision (Jesus Christ)

Three Way Deal Between Boston, Los Angeles, and Minny

Boston Receives
Lamar Odom

Los Angeles Receives
Kevin Garnett

Minny Receives
Andrew Bynum
Gerald Green
Theo Ratliff (Expirer)
Kwame Brown

Awesome, Wolves get shafted again (in par with all KG rumors)

Celts steal Odom...
Reminds me of the "deal" where Amare was traded to Atlanta--hey, Minnesota and Atlanta agreed to it, all they needed was Phoenix's approval and they were all set!
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