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Default Re: ☆Official Coaches Thread: Mike D'Antoni Resigns *CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
whoah, a very spiritual religious person like you would rather keep your relationship with God yourself...and totally ignore his commandment?

Ever read Matthew 28:16-20? Just incase you missed it, God's people was given a mission, to share their faith, it's not a suggestion or an enrouragement, it is a commandment.
God's followers believe that he has expectations, that there are repercussions to our actions and decisions and more importantly in judgement.
If the person being reached out said no thank you, then yes, the Christian should back off, just like Jesus said, "shake the dust off your sandals..."leave them alone

I'm in agreement with you, why on earth would someone want to hide their faith, if you are a good person that someone can look up to you should be proud to say whatever your motivation is........if someone doesn't like it they can go suck it

I don't get this generation....they do profane things in movies and even on tv, music has become largely about cursing and calling women all sorts of names.......and all that is ok and praised, but talk about religion and doing nice things then OH No, you can't say that in public, you have to hide it like it's a crack
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