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Originally Posted by DwnShft2Xcelr8
I swear it's all true.

I think what really happened is that there aren't too many PS3 2K14 players, and that LeBron: Path to Greatness needs an online connection to work (or at least that's what it seems like), so because there weren't that many players, 2K scrapped the mode and dropped it over the course of the last couple months.

That is the only logical reason I can think of for this game mode not saving at all. I know everything was fine on my end (PS3 works 100% properly; internet connectivity is at a high level; etc.).

i think he meant you cant save as in you cant save the game mid way through and quit. Have you tried to press the right button for the sticks or whatever (i play on PC) to shift through the different games? Once you finish one game it should move onto the next game but sometimes it doesnt and you have to manually shift through the different games
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