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Default Re: Anybody think LEBRON is gettin to cocky?

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Im not mad at kobe...he has proven me right about him since day one....

great talent....brain power of a napkin (much like you and his other fans)...I like how he has handled himself this offseason...its been comical to say the least

Another bitter Philly fan mad at Kobe for not demanding a trade to the Sixers. See how easy and retarded that sounded? Probably not to you since you're the epitome of retarded posts.

^ the guy with the screen name Kobe and kobe face on his avatar is talking to me about too much kobe it figures

Yet you talk about Kobe more than me . If I need to talk about Kobe or the Lakers, I go on a Laker fan site. I can guarantee that I post less about Kobe than you.
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