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Default Re: Anybody think LEBRON is gettin to cocky?

Why did you disregard the rest of my post?

I gave the reason for me saying it was a kobe fan (because it was)

Did you agree with it being pretty obvious that a guy who tatooed "chosen1" on his back cocky?

I know alot of people who have Chosen 1 tattoed on them somewhere Lebron is far from the only guy with that

did you agree that he had no control in the writing but definitely had veto power to not do it. I dont think its worng that he did it since that "King James" bull**** got instilled on him. Did you agree its part of ESPN building the Lebron hype?

sure its part of the hype...but so what? alot of players get hyped and Lebron happens to deserve it more than most if you want the truth... And why the hell should he veto it? So he doesnt offend kobe's fans (who happen to think kobe should be up there)

Did you agree that you bringing Kobe in to a thread that has nothing to do with him makes you a moron?

^no it makes you moron for being his fan and catching feelings over it everytime some one says soemthing about him that you dont like..If I had come in here and started praising him, you wouldnt have had a problem with it...

Another bitter Philly fan mad at Kobe for not demanding a trade to the Sixers. See how easy and retarded that sounded? Probably not to you since you're the epitome of retarded posts.

now your just being dumb...If you know anything, you know that the last got we want on the sixers is Kobe.... nobody in Philly was clamoring for Kobe... get real kid

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