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Default Re: Scola.....TRANSLATION PLEASE!!!!

Originally Posted by Phenith
Uh, I didn't think Scola was a weak defender... I though the knock on him was his rebounding. He went for something like 13ppg and 6rpg in 26mpg. I'm pretty sure that translates pretty good into the NBA.

The scouting report is that he is a very good defender (not lock down ability), but will hold his own against PF's. He isn't versatile according to some article I read, but he is strictly a PF who has a nice midrange game with awesome footwork and a willing passer (perfect for Adelman).

He did hold his own against Boozer and Brand in the World Championships. Like I said though, look out for a blogger posted by tomorrow in the Rockets section.

I will be posting a more indept analysis and stuff I research in order to bring more knowledge to Rockets fans and NBA fans in general.
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