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Default Zach Randolph + Eddy Curry is dumb and here's why.

When it first came to me, the crux of this post was going to be that when 2 players who both are very good, and both, at their best, play the same way, occupy the same space on the floor and need the ball in their hands to do anything are on the same team and are expected to mesh, that it is inherently impossible and the reputations of both players and the team could be irreversibly ruined.

And proof of this can be found at the guard spots of this exact same team last year.

But you can just forget that because I have a much easier reason.

What if it DOES work? (It won't.)

What does that give you? What ability has either Zach Randolph or Eddy Curry ever shown to suggest that they are winning players that will carry glory with them wherever they go? For all their numbers (20/7 and 24/10 I believe) their impact on the game starts and stops at those numbers.

Because neither player can control the game from the post. Both can score from there rather well but neither can control the game. Neither can direct an offense. Didn't Eddy Curry have like a 1:13 a/TO ratio last season? Players such as these historically do not win. Even guys like Karl Malone and Charles Barkley are both ringless. Sure, they ran into Jordan, but they also had great teams. There are players whose impact stretches well beyond Pts/Rebs and neither player (Randolph, Curry) is one of them.

Now let's assume no disasters happen and this duo works out as best as it possibly can. Logically, the best case scenario turns Zach Randolph into almost a full-time midrange jumpshooter offensively. And that brings me to the final reason this trade is stupid: in the *best case scenario*, a player's talents are wasted. You obviously can't have 2 guys posting up on the block with the ball simultaneously. One guy is going to have to step out and one guy is going to have to occupy the block and only one of these players can step out and that's Randolph. Also consider: what about Quentin Richardson? He, too, is best when he is posting up. Then you've got Stephon Marbury, who is best when he's penetrating and has the ball in his hands. Where will there be room?

This deal will turn both Quentin Richardson and Zach Randolph into almost full-time jumpshooters. THAT'S why it's stupid. No matter how you slice it, if everything works out perfectly, which again, it won't, you are completely wasting away talent that could be traded for players who do the jumpshooting thing better and fill some other holes as well.

Notice not once in this entire post did I mention defense. Or problems of attitude, weight, and discipline. That's how stupid this pairing of identical twins in the post is. I don't even need to mention the most glaring problem to cut it to pieces. Isiah Thomas is a great drafter, a great player, and I love his fearless abandon to make a big splash. But he needs to team up with someone who knows how to put a team together. If the Knicks think Randolph + Curry will take them past the first round, yes, even in the Least, I've got bad news.

Doesn't it occur to Isiah Thomas as peculiar that other GMs are so willing to give up big names with monster numbers for pennies on the dollar? Doesn't he ever step back and realize he's getting duped at every turn?

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