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Default Re: Zach Randolph + Eddy Curry is dumb and here's why.

The nets are getting old and at this point have nothing in the post.

When you look at it they're in one of the worst positions right now, their only 2 guys that can actually play will be done in 4 years. Jefferson is not a franchise player and they have no real young talent.
Defensive are we? Who is talking about the Nets?

That kind of bugs me. I'll say something like, "The Heat are in terrible shape right now for the future outside of D-Wade" and all the Heat fans will rebuke me within 5 minutes with: "HOW ABOUT THE WIZARDS HUH? HOW ABOUT A SWEEP IN THE PLAYOFFS EH? WE GOT RINGZ *****EZ! WHY DON'T YOU GO SHOPPING AND PURCHASE YOURSELF A POST PRESENCE. WADE OWNZ GILBO EVERY TIME."

It's true but not relevant.

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