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Default A faster, more athletic pacers team is the goal

"The Pacers feel Danny Granger, David Harrison and rookies Shawne Williams and James White will help them change from a half-court-oriented team to one that relies on interchangeable, athletic players. "That's our goal," Bird said. "We're trying to get some young guys mixed in with our veterans. We feel those four guys can do that for us. Of the four, I am very confident Danny can compete for that starting small forward spot." Indianapolis Star

"As expected, the 20-year-old (Shawne) Williams, who will play small and power forward, has the most work to do. The team says he will be brought along a lot slower than Granger was last season. "He needs a lot of strength," Bird said of Williams. "By the end of the summer he'll be a lot better than when he came in, and by All-Star break he'll be even better. He's got skill and we know he's going to be a good player. He just needs to get stronger." Indianapolis Star
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