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Default Big night of Boxing, Roy Jones, Arturo Gatti, Margarito, Gomez, Khan

Willie Limond (Gbr) V Amir Khan (Gbr)
Amir Khan, the future lightweight champ from England, he is fighting for his first title and is boxing Limond at 4.15pm Est

Matt Skelton (Gbr) V Michael Sprott (Gbr)
Matt Skelton, boxer from England and former K-1 fighter is fighting Michael Sprott, both men have beat Danny Williams in the past year. Danny Williams has been in the ring with greats like Mike Tyson and Klitchko. This fight is straight after the Khan fight.

Arturo Gatti (Can) V Alfonso Gomez (Mex) 9pm EST live from Atlantic City.
Should be a good fight and will be interesting to see what Gatti has left

Antonio Margarito (Mex) V Paul Williams (Usa) 9PM EST live from Carson
Going to be one amazing fight.

Roy Jones Jr (Usa) V Anthony Henshaw (Usa) 9PM EST live from Biloti
I want to see Vintage Jones JNR.

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