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Both Shaq & Wade are playing tonight....And will to probably log some decent minutes as well

Originally Posted by fatboy11

I just pissed my pants.

You think some cat that isn't even going to make the team is going to "put the clamps" on one of the most, if not the most, unstoppable offensive players in the game today?

Hell yea.

And not making the team? Damn near blasphemy. Don't speak on Vincent Grier like that, homeboy.

Naw but for real(I was obviously joking), Ya'll look & watch out for Vinny Grier in this game. Dude has came out of left field and busted his ass last night. This dude is a beast defender.... No offensive arsenal whatsoever, but he finds a way to make an impact on the floor. I doubt he nabs the final spot team over my boy Rob Hite (from that school, and he's been shooting the lights out) or Chris Quinn but he's was a intriging watch in the Orlando game last night.

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