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Default Re: Propose your trades

Originally Posted by JerzeyBlaze
Nets get Nate Robinson, Jared Jefferies, Eddie Curry

Knicks get Trenton Hassel, Tonie Battie, Bobby Simmons

basically for the Knicks they get rid of Jeffries and Curry contracts (something theyve always wanted to do) for expiring ones. And all of the salaries match. Nets benefit from getting Nate Robinson's scoring and energy, and Jeffries Defense (something the nets lack), and Curries toughness (plus an opportunity for him to play

Robinson : 4 Mill
Jefferies: 6.4 mill
Curry : 10 mill

Hassel: 4.3 mill
Battie: 6.2 mill
Simmons: 10 mill

Uhh...sign me up! Although, there's no way the Nets add another 16-17 mil next year in the contracts of Jefferies and Curry...Also, Curry = Toughness? I'll disagree on that.

still, if we got that offer, I'd do it in half a tick.
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