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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
You guys know if I can do a free trial type deal to try it out before paying up? I haven't been paying attention to SWTOR last couple months. Is it way better than let's say WOW?

Nah.. thats the one thing that has p*ssed me off about the game so far... They claim to give you a free month, but when you register to play, they hit you with a "recurring billing process" which automatically bills you at the end of the month.. So in effect, they give you a free month, but take it right back by forcing you to at least pay for one month..

worse, they do it at the very end of the registration process, so its you feel dumb for cancelling out of it simply for that reason... that sh*t made me mad

but other than that, its been a great game thus far
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