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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

I was pretty damn pro on Wow, especially in PVP. Both arena and BG's. I'm sure I'd adapt well. I LOVE Bioware so I gotta get this. I have a couple questions for those of you playing already.

1. Are the requirements higher or similar to wow? In terms of system performance?

2. I hear every class can have pets that fight for you? Are they able to go in instances and PVP?

3. Is there any way for me to pick a class based on wow class comparison? Or are the classes so different that it's impossible? I heard it's nothing alike so no way to know what I'll like on SWTOR till I try.

I basically want to be a good side player (Jedi). I'd probably prefer a caster (force powers) Jedi but that does have melee capability. Basically a versatile class. My favorite class on wow was Elemental Shaman.
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