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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I was pretty damn pro on Wow, especially in PVP. Both arena and BG's. I'm sure I'd adapt well. I LOVE Bioware so I gotta get this. I have a couple questions for those of you playing already.

1. Are the requirements higher or similar to wow? In terms of system performance?

2. I hear every class can have pets that fight for you? Are they able to go in instances and PVP?

3. Is there any way for me to pick a class based on wow class comparison? Or are the classes so different that it's impossible? I heard it's nothing alike so no way to know what I'll like on SWTOR till I try.

I basically want to be a good side player (Jedi). I'd probably prefer a caster (force powers) Jedi but that does have melee capability. Basically a versatile class. My favorite class on wow was Elemental Shaman.

1. I'd say they are higher. Not a ton higher but still higher seeing that the game is a few years newer. Lots of details in the animation during cut scenes and quests.

2. Yes every class/advanced class gets 5 companions throughout the game that are there to support you. I would assume you get 1 of every type. So far through level 25 on my Jedi Sentinel I have a tank and a dps companion. You can only have 1 out with you at a time and yes they can fill a player spot for Heroic quests or Flashpoints. But it's still better to rely on other players in flashpoints the higher you level up. I don't think they can be used in pvp unless it's world pvp. I've yet to encounter the other faction questing yet but I'll let you know when I do.

3. There are no direct comparisons to the WoW classes. There are some similarities though. For instance my highest level is the Jedi Knight - Sentinel advanced class. I dual wield lightsabers and they're basically like a dps warrior. But I also have a few force abilities like a choke type ability and I can throw my light saber in close range. Jedi Consular's are like the caster Jedi. They can either be Jedi Sages which can spec as a healer, or a caster dps. They could also be Jedi Shadows which use a double-bladed saber and have a tank and physical dps spec. Smugglers have a ranged hunter like spec with sniper rifles (minus pets), or a healing/ranged dps with blasters/more melee heavy dps spec. Never played a Trooper so I can't comment on them. But there are no clear cut matches for classes.
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