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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

Originally Posted by plowking
The claim is he could do it in 3 steps, within the free throw circle area. Which is impossible.

There are claims that Bruce Lee, a 135lbs man could hold a 120lbs dumbbell in front of himself inline with the ground for 10 seconds. There are eyewitnesses, etc. I really couldn't care if 15 people say they saw it, I still wouldn't believe it. Why? Because its not possible. You have the strongest men of today who can't do it. Same logic applies to Wilt. Wilt isn't far and away better than every athlete that's ever stepped foot on the planet, and yet we have no one close that can dunk from the free throw line with 3 steps, all inside the free throw circle.

Its common sense. Nearly everything back then was romanticized to extremes and made out to seem legendary to beyond belief. If they toned it down slightly, we may even believe it today. Though they went too far with it.
I think those are two seperate claims. Wilt substantially after the fact said from within the free throw circle. Three steps seems to be Tex's claim.

I'm not sure anyone on here believes he did a dunk that simultaneously fit both criteria. CavsFTW seems to believe the the 3 steps but that that was perhaps from the center circle.

Anyway my take which probably hasn't changed
Originally Posted by Owl
I'm too not sure that I'd endorse Wilt's character with regard to honesty. And I haven't read through the whole thread, but in "Wilt: Just another ..." his first book (his autobigography, written at the end of his career, rather than his later books which were more opinion/musing based and which included claims of 50" vertical and 20,000 women) he claims to have run up from around center court (could dig up the quote if anyone really cares) for his free throw dunks. No mention of 3 steps (which I don't personally believe, but Wilt did have very long lengs so would cover greater disances in fewer strides). I tend to doubt 3 strides and don't know whether or not he was breaking the plane of the ft line (as I vaguely seem to recall Dr J doing for his free throw line dunk), to me it's not really that relevant. Wilt was a tremendous athlete and anyone who thinks he was only good because he was playing in an predominantly white league doesn't know their history.
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