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Default Re: Why did the vote to impeach Trump fail 364-58?

Originally Posted by tpols
No dummy... go look at how Germany runs the programs in its government and how they tackle infrastructure of every kind with efficiency. Japan as well. I would like the people were paying high salaries for in our government to their job. Amazing idea right!

I said I oppose concentrating government authority because it leads to abuses and corruption from lying politicians. You continuously VOTE FOR MORE GOVERNMENT POWER.

Those are facts, right? I vote for small government, and I gave my reason. You vote for big government.

You then said your reason was "they make $200k per year, so they have to do stuff!"

I'm against Big Gov because it leads inevitably to corruption, exploitation, dishonesty, secrecy, intrusion, etc.

You support Big Gov because we can't just pay them $200k per year to do nothing.

Everyone here can judge each argument for themselves. I mean, I don't know what to say at this point.

You just blurted out one of the Top 5 most retarded things anyone has ever said on ISH. So... yeah.
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