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Default Re: Why did the vote to impeach Trump fail 364-58?

Originally Posted by Akrazotile
So then will you finally answer the question from the OP? So far youve played “well but republicans did x!” as well as divert the topic to entirely different subjects.

Can you explain why 58 Democrats voted to impeach Trump and the rest didnt?

Can you tell us which ones you think did the right thing?

Will you answer the actual question in the OP?

My example was perfectly relevant to the topic... both sides saying something for so long and doing another. It happens on both sides. They both need to smarten up and start doing what theyre being paid big bucks to do. Keep tilting your mug at the sky and screamin about da liberals doe!!! Its hilarious because youve morphed into the snowflake that you always holler about. Like a pansy version of "beware of ye that does battle with monsters"...LOL
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