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Default Re: Rockets Draft Party?

Originally Posted by Raj Da Dodge
So is anyone going to the Rockets Draft Party at Dave & Busters tomorrow evening? Aaron Brooks is gonna be there, RPD are gonna be there and I think Clutch is gonna be there. So I was j/w if anybody's going? I don't think i'm gonna go, I want to but its too far. But idk, i'll ask my friends.

Yea i mentioned this in another thread but I could've started another thread. I will be going, and A-MATT (people probably don't remember him) is going with me. Every year someones been at the draft party, they got rid of them. In 06 Rafer, Chuck, and Juwan were there and we got rid of him. Last year it was Mike James and we got rid of him. I hope we don't get rid of Brooks.
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