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Default Cleveland Browns Official Offseason thread

figured since everyone else was doing it

Well, we ended up finishing the season on a strong note, with a four game winning streak. the most impressive part was probably our running game, with Jerome Harrison powering the offense even when the opposing defenses knew we were going to run, this has to do in part with Harrison just being flat out better this season then the man he replaced Jamal Lewis, having that extra burst that allowed him to hit the holes that our O-line (easily the strength of the team) opened.

With that said, the rest of our offense was anemic, one can't help but to be disappointed with Brian Robinske, one of the supposedly most NFL ready Wrs from last years draft. Mohamed Massaquoi however was a pleasant surprise. I'm completely done with Anderson, but even Quinn doesn't look like a long term solution in the limited capacity we've seen him.

With an eye to the draft, we have to shore up our Defense, and if Eric Berry could fall to us that would be fantastic. If not, if Bradford is there, it might be for the best to pick him up.

In term of pure needs, i think it goes QB, DB/Safety, Pass rusher, and a RT

any other Browns fans have anything to correct or throw out there?
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