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Default Re: Cleveland Browns Official Offseason thread

Once again I'll repeat it. ESPN Insider is them taking other articles on the web, saying it's "insider", and getting money off of it.

One landing spot that has been speculated for Marshall is the Cleveland Browns. The rumor initially pointed to Browns playmaker Josh Cribbs and draft picks being involved in the deal but new reports link quarterback Brady Quinn to the discussion.

The trade would fill holes for both teams. Denver needs to rid themselves of Marshall, and picking up an explosive weapon like Cribbs would bring a new dynamic to their offense. Brady Quinn is also a solid back up and could possibly challenge Kyle Orton for the starting quarterback job.

Cleveland needs help, well, everywhere. Marshall is one of the most physically gifted wide outs in the sport and he would replace Braylon Edwards — who was traded to the New York Jets mid-season — as the team’s number one option.

Marshall for Quinn is purely speculation at this point. html
Troy Smith wants to play for the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens backup quarterback recently told ESPN Radio's Cleveland affiliate.

Smith, who grew up in Cleveland, has occasionally talked about his affection for the city since he was drafted by the Ravens in 2007.

When asked about his desire to play for the Browns, Smith told ESPN Radio, "There is no doubt about it. It has always been a childhood dream of mine."

Smith added, "It's funny how we always talk about Cleveland. That's the first thing that comes to mind with anything I do whether I get a chance to come home and be a part of that organization or not. You know, I would love to get that chance if that opportunity comes up, but the political and right thing to say in this situation is that I would love to be anywhere that would give me a chance. But, without a doubt, there would be no second guessing in my mind if I could come back home and be a part of something that I love."

Can't believe ESPN makes money off of this. The first one is just some random guy talking in his blog.
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