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Default Re: Who is the best CB in the NFL?

Originally Posted by Carbine
I've seen NUMEROUS amounts of two deep looks from them and the occasional zone look.... no team plays straight man to man the entire game, esepcially a team who doesn't have dynamic pass rushers up front.

I'm not saying they don't play man to man a lot, but typcially when they play man they have two safeties over the top 60-75 percent of the time.

I'm not all that interested in what Nnamdi has to say, people film does not.

If anyone is implying that the Raiders play no help over the top a lot of the time, you're mistaken.
Oh ok, so now he's a liar.....ok. This is why you have zero credibility about the NFL.

Originally Posted by -playmaker-
Raiders and Packers are the only two teams in the NFL that play straight man-to-man with their CBs

hey, does anyone know who they went on to declare was the best Cb of all time after taht interview?

I bet Nnamdi said Deion...#21...after him

nvm, edit:

found it...they all said Deion
Deion is the Michael Jordan of Corners.....the only reason why he's considered the greatest is because he's the most recent great corner they've seen. All the other greats were probably old as ****.
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